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ARIA Combobox (Native Inputs, Editable and Substring Match)

Author Search

The Author field is an editable ARIA Combobox widget that uses a native Input element.
Substring matches are used to render suggestions.
Type "fantasy", "humor", "scifi", or other strings to match.

The native input combobox is optomized for screen reader and keyboard only users:

  • Set focus to the Author field to open the combobox control.
  • Within the combobox, first type into the field, then press the Down arrow to navigate into the dropdown and use the Up and Down arrow keys to navigate available options.
  • Press any other letter or number, or the Left or Right arrow keys to then move focus back into the Input for editing.
  • Press Enter or Alt+Up to close the dropdown and save the selection.
  • To cancel, press Escape, Tab or Shift+Tab to close the dropdown.
  • Sighted mouse users can click the desired option to save the selection and close the dropdown.