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ARIA Listbox (Redistributable)

Cart ARIA Listbox

Basket ARIA Listbox

The two ARIA Listboxes are programmatically controled in order to move listbox items from one list to the other.

The Listbox is keyboard accessible:

  • Set focus on either of the Listboxes.
  • Press the Arrow keys to change options, or press Home and End to jump to the beginning or end of the list.
  • Press PageDown and PageUp to jump backward or forward incrementally.
  • Press any letter or number to jump to an item starting with that character or digit.
  • Press the Spacebar to toggle selection.
  • Activate the "Add" button to move items from the Cart to the Basket.
  • Activate the "Remove" button to move items from the Basket to the Cart.
  • Mouse users can click non-contiguous listbox items to toggle selection as usual.